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WEBINAR: ‘Yes, but what could generative AI really mean for my Law Firm?’

Time & Date: 09:00-10:00am, Tuesday 21 November 2023
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“Few law firms to date have taken meaningful steps to capitalise on AI as a way to become more efficient” commented PwC in its annual Law Firm survey released in mid-October.[1]Paul Longhurst and Jenni Tellyn from 3Kites will be joined by Richard Kemp from Kemp IT Law to tackle the following questions:

  • Is AI a threat or an opportunity – or both – for your firm? 
  • Will generative AI uptake follow the rule of thumb of overestimating change short-term and underestimating it in the longer run? 
  • Will we end up in the “Trough of Disillusionment” on Gartner’s Hype Cycle? 
  • What’s happening right now? 
  • Is AI essentially an internal efficiency tool or will it really impact client service? And if so how? 
  • Will it impact the need for more junior lawyers as a resource… and the ways in which they are supervised, trained and mentored?
  • And when you’re investigating your AI use cases, what are the risks and how do you manage them? 
  • What about GDPR, data security, copyright and contracts with AI vendors and clients for AI services?

Top independent consultancy 3Kites has worked with 130+ law firm and in-house legal clients on strategic tech projects. Law firm tech specialist Kemp IT Law has worked with 15 of the top 50 UK law firms on tech contracting and regulation. 

Together, we have extensive experience of emerging technologies in legal and have been gathering insights on AI’s place as the next, next big thing. Join us at our webinar to get a handle on what AI could really mean for your law firm.

Register here.


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