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WEBINAR: How much supplier due diligence is enough for a law firm major system procurement?

Time & Date: 09:00-10:00am (BST), Thursday 25th April 2024
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Tech is fast becoming the beating heart of the legal services world. As the costs and operational criticality of major law firm systems continue to rise, how much due diligence is enough? What is considered best practice to get the most out of the Firm’s investment?

From the technical evaluation side, Paul Longhurst from 3Kites Consulting will discuss how you:

  • limit the time spent on products your firm will never implement,
  • have confidence that suppliers mean what they say when selling to you,
  • balance user sentiment with functionality and costs, and
  • get the best deal for the firm without alienating the vendor?

From the legal side, the key word is clarity and Richard Kemp from Kemp IT Law will cover:

  • clarity about vendor commitments as discussions move from RfP to contract;
  • clarity around contract structure – the ‘who’s doing what’ is getting more complex as key elements of the system are increasingly sourced from the cloud
  • clarity around regulatory burden – GDPR, cybersecurity, operational resilience and ESG
  • clarity around managing risk – what’s the worst that can happen?

Top independent consultancy 3Kites has worked with 130+ law firm and in-house legal clients on strategic tech projects. Law firm tech specialist Kemp IT Law has worked with 15 of the top 50 UK law firms on tech contracting and regulation.

Together, we have extensive experience on all aspects of evaluation, selection, procurement and implementation over the project lifecycle across the range of core law firm systems.

Join us at our webinar to find out how to get the best out of your major system procurement.

Register here


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