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Contracting for AI – A Practical 101 WEBINAR

Contracting for AI in 2024 – A Practical 101
Date and Time: 09.00 – 10.00am, Thursday 21 March 2024

Following on from our fully subscribed in-person event earlier in March, we are re-running this as a webinar. Full details below.

2024 will be the year enterprise buyers and sellers of AI and AI services formalise their contracting models for AI. That’s why we’ve chosen ‘Practical Contracting for AI’ as the theme of our first in-person event of the year.

In this webinar, we’ll focus on three areas of AI contracting that clients are telling us are top of the list for their legal and compliance teams right now.

AI as a Service (AIaaS) has emerged as a major theme in enterprise AI adoption. Think: cloud, infrastructure, APIs and AI-enabled microservices. But what does this mean for the contracts underpinning your AI product? We’ll walk through what we’re seeing in the market.

AI, privacy and data protection is ever trickier with (re)use of existing and web-scraped datasets, fairness and bias concerns, hallucinations, cybersecurity risks, and every public body from the ICO to the WHO wading in on guidance. What’s the practical outcome? What does this mean for your AI contracts?

Clients want to get to market quickly with their AI products to stay ahead of the competition. We’ll look into the ‘new normal’ for AI, licensing and IP – including trends for GenAI Terms of Service and what AI means for open-source. 



09:00 – 09:05Welcome – Chris Kemp, Partner
09:05 – 09:20Contracting for AIaaS – Deirdre Moynihan, Partner
09:20 – 09:35AI, privacy & data protection – Eleanor Hobson, Senior Associate
09.35 – 09.50AI, licensing & IP – Chris
09:50 – 10.00Discussion / Q&A
10.00Session ends


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