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Cloud Computing: Implications for the manufacturing sector

The rapid uptake in cloud computing services represents a paradigm shift in information technology that will have a huge impact on today’s businesses.

In this half-hour video on Practical Law, Richard Kemp explains what cloud computing is, what it means for the manufacturing sector, and how to minimise the associated risks to reap its many benefits.

View the video here.

Topics include:

  • Where cloud computing fits in today’s IT systems
  • The cloud’s characteristics & delivery/service models
  • The recent explosion in cloud services
  • How cloud computing is revolutionising manufacturing
  • Key legal issues when businesses use cloud services
  • How to protect the data assets your business holds in the cloud
  • Top tips when choosing & contracting with a cloud provider
  • The benefits of seeking ISO standard 27018
  • Data sovereignty considerations
  • Data security considerations


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