Privacy, data protection and cyber security in the Internet of Things

Richard Kemp recently contributed a video to Practical Law which outlines the legal issues that businesses involved in the Internet of Things need to be aware of.

Topics include:

  • The Internet of Things (IoT) explained
  • Why the IoT is so significant
  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Key legal issues related to the IoT
  • Key privacy and security challenges
  • How EU data protection law addresses these challenges
  • How the data protection principles apply to the IoT
  • Other data protection rules that also apply
  • Recommendations of the working party Opinion
  • Implications of the General Data Protection Regulation
  • Key differences between the US and EU approach to IoT privacy

View the video here.

Cases referenced:


  • Google Spain SL v Agencia Espanola de Proteccion de Datos (AEPD) (C-131/12) [2014] Q.B. 1022
  • Schrems v Data Protection Commissioner (C-362/14) [2016] Q.B. 527




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