Managing the Legal Aspects of Artificial Intelligence

Kemp IT Law hosted a successful breakfast seminar on ‘Managing the Legal Aspects of Artificial Intelligence’ in October 2018.

Seminar details:

From Alexa, Bing and Cortana to autonomous vehicles, Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. And this is just the beginning as AI starts to permeate our lives at home and work.

This session will provided corporate counsel with an AI legal toolkit, focusing on what AI really means in legal terms, tips on successful contracting for AI projects and a roadmap for AI ethics and governance in the organisation.

Working with enterprise users on AI projects and enterprise and specialist AI developers, top specialist IT law firm Kemp IT Law has a genuine understanding of the range of contractual, legal, regulatory and governance issues that are emerging as AI uptake becomes ubiquitous.  Solicitor Deirdre Moynihan discussed current hot topic issues around AI projects and contracts; and Richard Kemp, one of the UK’s top AI lawyers, kicked off with a segment on demystifying AI and closed with a look at trends around AI ethics and governance in the organisation.


08.30 – 09.00:    Breakfast

09.00 – 09.05:    Welcome – Richard Kemp

09.05 – 09.20:    AI demystified: What is AI really? What does it do? And where’s it going?
Richard Kemp, Founder, Kemp IT Law

09.20 – 09.40:    Contracting for AI: Anatomy of an AI project
Deirdre Moynihan, Solicitor, Kemp IT Law

  • legal basis – data (training datasets, inputs and outputs) and software (algorithms)
  • training phase – epochs, batches and iterations: tips for AI project statements of work
  • operations phase – results, tuning, etc: defining expectations and service levels
  • data/software use/licensing/ownership rights

09.40 – 09.55:    Coffee/networking

09.55 – 10.20:    Towards AI ethics and governance in the organisation
Richard Kemp, Founder, Kemp IT Law

  • AI Overarching Principles
  • AI Ethical Frameworks
  • UK government framework (June 2018)
  • AI technical standards
  • Towards data governance across the organisation
  • An integrated data governance approach: data protection, data security, data sharing and AI.

10.20 – 10.30:   Q&A/discussion

10.30:                   Session closes


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