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Evolving Cloud Economics: The Benefits of More Broadly Balanced Regulatory Policy

Much of the initial research on the early promise of the economic benefits of the cloud at scale dates back to 2009/2010, eons ago in the technology world. As cloud growth rates continue to increase, evidence bearing out this promise is starting to emerge in areas including security and environmental impact as well as data storage and computing costs.

In a world increasingly characterised by evidence-based policy formulation and regulation, economic inputs into policy and law-making have long been recognised as critical. Cloud regulation has tended since 2010 to focus on security and privacy along, more recently, with residency and control. These factors will remain key, but focusing on them should not exclude consideration of other economic inputs that are relevant, material and objectively evidenced.

A clearer and broader policy framework that takes into account all relevant inputs will help ensure the right balance is struck for cloud regulation.


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