Big Data client alert

Welcome to our first kempitlaw IT+ client alert.

Our client alerts takes as their theme the particular hot topic we have been blogging on during the previous quarter. Our theme this time is Big Data and here are our Big Data blogs since practice launch in May on:

  1. Big Data and Data Protection: preparing for tales of the unexpected (August)
  2. Getting Big Data right in Insurance – the gain is worth the pain (August)
  3. Should HMG take a market rent from its data estate? (June)
  4. MiFID II – a radical contribution to the development of data law? (May)
  5. Legal Aspects of Big Data: Part I – Legal Rights in Data (May)
  6. Legal Aspects of Big Data: Part II – the Legal Team’s Role in Big Data Projects (May)

Here also (as a link and a PDF) is our white paper on Legal Aspects of Managing Big Data which goes into the topic in greater depth.

Our next hot topic for blogging and our next Client Alert in December will be on Data Protection.

We hope you find our blogs, client alerts and white papers useful. We welcome all feedback, and please do get in touch and let us know what you think.


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