APIs: legal aspects of the digital world’s connectivity accelerant – WEBINAR

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View the recording of our recent webinar here.

Application programming interfaces – the technical rules for how separate software applications interact – are right at the heart of the cloud-enabled digital world. The long running Google v Oracle case, decided by the US Supreme Court in Google’s favour in April 2021, has shone a spotlight on the pivotal role that APIs play and the importance for API developers and users of getting the ‘legals’ right.

Top UK software law practice Kemp IT Law has for many years advised clients on the intellectual property, security, privacy and commercial legal aspects of their API strategy and licensing. In this session we will:

  • set the scene and provide practical examples of popular APIs and how the combination of Web APIs, microservices and containerization is reducing cost and speeding up development and innovation;
  • review the significance of the US Supreme Court’s Google v Oracle decision, and contrast the US and UK positions in the light of the leading cases; and
  • take a step back and review the legal components to be addressed in formulating an organisation’s API strategy and policies.


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