Join our webinar – Digital Transformation: The Great Shove Online

September 10th 13:00 – 14:00 ( BST)       Register to attend The 2020 global pandemic has given the business world a great shove online. Even before the pandemic struck, a February 2020 report showed that senior IT leaders ranked digital transformation as their top priority*; and, with changes previously measured in years happening […]

The 6 “E”s of the Digital Transformation Journey

Ask 5 different businesses what the phrase “Digital Transformation” means to them and you’re likely to get 5 different interpretations. It’s one of the most popular phrases used in connection with technology projects – a quick Google search for the phrase results in around 41 million hits! It’s the hot topic of the year and […]

Intellectual Property in the Cloud: The Patent Troll Threat

Digital transformation is propelling business cloud-wards at prodigious rates: research company Gartner[1] forecasts (pre-COVID-19) that public cloud market will grow 17% in 2020, up from $228bn in 2019 to $266bn.  At the same time scale economies are extending the cloud’s reach out from the data centre, connecting billions of intelligent IoT (Internet of Things) devices […]

How to prevent partial or complete failure of a digital transformation project

“I never would have thought that in 2019 a change of software could send a whole company skidding off the road.” So said Liqui Moly’s CEO earlier this year when discussing the impact of new software on its business. This vlog from Deirdre Moynihan looks at the steps that should be taken to reduce the […]